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Transaction Cover Form


I agree to employ California TC to:

• Order Termite, NHD and Home Warranty
• Provide Disclosures to Agent
• Request required Escrow documents and communicates with Escrow • Receive and send out   

   required disclosures as needed
• Track timelines for Purchase Agreement
• Review the file prior to closing, to ensure completeness

Broker agrees to pay the following for the service (please check one):

California TC will provide service only as the Transaction Coordinator.

California TC agrees to exercise due diligence in:

• Reviewing documents to confirm documents are executed

• Coordinate opening of escrow

• Delivering contract forms to lender

• Provide timelines in Purchase Agreement

• Order Natural Hazards report and Home Warranty

• Disseminate disclosure to required parties

Agent hereby agrees to release Daniela Santana, assistants and associates from any and all liabilities that may arise by virtue of this real estate transaction and broker further agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Daniela Santana, assistants and all associates harmless from all claims, disputes, litigation, judgments, and attorney fees that may arise in connection with this transaction and also from any incorrect information supplied by third parties to Daniela Santana, assistants and all associates or from any material facts that third parties know but fail to disclose to Daniela Santana, assistants and all associates.

Agent agrees to review disclosures and Preliminary Title reports for accuracy.

California TC will submit an invoice for TC services to escrow for payment from agent’s commission paid upon close of escrow.  If agent has negotiated with their client for TC services agent shall provide a copy of that agreement to California TC to be included in the transaction file.

Agent agrees to pay for above referenced fees for TC services.

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